Montego Karoo Adult

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Montego Karoo Adult

Montego Karoo Adult Dog Food
A scientifically formulated, super-premium diet for small to large breed puppies, adult and senior dogs.

Rich in nutrients derived from real meat, with added vitamins and minerals for peak physical conditioning and digestive health.

Why choose Karoo?
The Karoo range of super-premium nutritional products provides excellence in terms of taste and nutrition,
satisfying the needs of all breeds at different life stages. From giving them the strongest possible start when
they’re pups, to sustained energy and maintained health as adults, and finally providing support for ageing joints and slowing metabolisms in their senior years.

What’s in Karoo?
Karoo’s super-premium recipes use nutrient-rich meat, poultry proteins and egg powder, along with added
vitamins (including C, D and E) as well as minerals and high levels of antioxidants. Karoo also contains sugar
beet pulp, an excellent source of fibre containing fatty acids beneficial to intestinal balance. Karoo Large
Breed Puppy, Adult and Senior contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which provide essential support for
both growing and ageing joints and cartilage. These ingredients and many others are how we ensure that
every bowl of Karoo supports overall physical well being while helping maintain a healthy immune system.

Suitable for all dog breeds

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