Petlife KarmaWrap

Give your dog a caring hug
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KarmaWrap works to reduce dog anxiety because, like giving a hug or swaddling a baby, the constant gentle pressure applied around your dog’s chest and torso helps him/her feel safe and secure. With this wonderfully induced sense of security he/she feels calmer and displays amazingly quieter and more relaxed behaviour.

Helps to reduce dog anxiety and calm a dog when troubled with:

  • Noise Anxiety
  • Car, Crate or Travel Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Firework or Thunderstorm Anxiety
  • Continuous or Anti-Social Barking
  • Aggressive Tendency Behaviours
  • Lead Pulling
  • Compulsive or Repetitive Motion Disorder


  • KarmaWrap is lightweight, breathable, 4 way stretch fabric
  • Safe and simple to fit and easily adjustable
  • Water resistant, anti-fungal and antibacterial
  • Machine washable at 40


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3 reviews for Petlife KarmaWrap

  1. Carmen

    The Karma Wrap is AMAZING! It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to work, but we put it on as soon as our Giant Schnauzer starts showing signs of a storm coming or there is a possibility of fireworks. He goes from pacing and panting really loudly and wanting to sit on your head, to much calmer state and is able to lie down close to you, instead of on you! It really helps and gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is not in distress and being calmer. Definitely a good purchase!

  2. Desere

    My girl struggles with severe storm phobias and separation anxiety. After an incident where she broke her canine and part of her jaw, we were fortunate to have been introduced to this karma jacket. I was skeptical at first, but WOW! What a difference and in minutes!!! As soon as my girl starts acting up with the weather we put the jacket on and in less than 5 minutes she stopped panting, her facial expressions relaxed and she even started lying down. This is a great buy and an integral part in our pet care kit! Thank you Pet Spaza for making such a difference in our lives!

  3. Christine

    An excellent product, I would recommend the Karma Wrap if your pet as anxiety/fear of storms/loud noises, etc. I have been using it on my male of 7 years for the last 3 months and it has made a huge difference. There is no more pacing, frantic breathing, trying to squeeze through tiny areas to get away from the fear. it truly has made a huge difference for him, and for us knowing that he is feeling more secure.

    A Great buy indeed!

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