Rogz Dog Car-Safe Seat Belt Clip




Rogz Dog Car-Safe Seat Belt Clip

Rogz Car-Safe Seat Belt Clip, Utility is designed to prevent driver distraction and restrain your pet to one position in the vehicle. With the trigger hook attached to the harness and the seat belt clip in the seat belt receiver, your dog is kept safe and comfortable. Adjust the length and stow-away the seat belt clip for a safe and secure transit to and from your vehicle. Strong components and webbing with highly reflective stitching provide enhanced visibility and safety for everyday use.
Available in 1 colour and 1 size.

In the event of a car accident this product may not prevent injury to passenger or dog. Do not use if damaged. Do not use with Stop-Pull Harness. Do not use with any collar. Not suitable for use in Volvo brand vehicles.

Hand wash using a mild detergent. Air dry


  • Car-Safe Clip Restraint
  • Adjustable
  • Transit Lead
  • Stow-away seat belt clip
  • Reflective stitching

The Car-Safe Seat Belt Clip can be used with the following Rogz Harnesses:

  • Classic Harness
  • Explore Harness
  • Control Harness

Additional information

Weight 0.011 kg
Dimensions 41 × 25 × 3 mm



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