Equifox Lysine

Immune system booster, assists in the repair of tissue and the building of muscle. Also enables the body to absorb and use Calcium and reduce its excretion, thus supporting bone health. Potent anti-viral agent.


Lysine is an essential amino acid.  Of the 20 amino acids, the molecules that comprise proteins, 8 are called essential.  This means the body cannot manufacture them and therefore they must be consumed.  Lysine along with the amino acid Methionine, is used by the body to synthesize L-carnitine, which helps cells to break down fat in the body and in so doing helps the body to produce energy.  Lysine, in conjunction with the amino acid L-arginine, is necessary for collagen synthesis and so plays an important role in the building and production of skin cells, ligaments and tendons.



Feed 30g once daily.

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