Hound Sleeper Bed


Hound Sleeper

The Hound Sleeper provides a HEALTHY environment by allowing the dogs to sleep elevated off the ground. While dogs of all ages will benefit from the Hound Sleeper, this is especially useful for mature dogs and those with arthritic and hip complaints. The design of the Hound Sleeper is COMFORTABLE for the dog, supporting its weight evenly over the surface of the hammock. The bed can be scrubbed down with soap and water, hosed off and then left to dry. A couple of hours in the sun will see it clean and ready to be used again.

The cover is made from textilene fabric and is UV protected. The fabric has small holes which will allow any moisture or dirt on the dog to sift through onto the surface below the bed. The Hound Sleeper will be ideal for swimming dogs and incontinent dogs. It will be cooler in summer for the dogs as the air will circulate around and through the fabric. These are flea free, there will be no place for fleas to hide and breed.

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Dimensions 810 × 810 × 200 mm



Medium, Large, Extra Large


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