Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

The first and only in-wash solution for removing pet hair (sold in sachets)



Vamoosh’s special patent pending formula is based on the fact that hair fibre, which is made of Keratin, does not dissolve in water. Keratin proteins are linked together by two Sulphur’s which join together to form an S-S bond (disulphide bond). Vamoosh breaks up Keratin by using active oxygen to break down the S-S bond, breaking the hair into smaller pieces and ultimately dissolving it.

Like with any detergent and washing instructions, please read the label on the bedding first and test on a small patch of the bedding’s material prior to putting into the machine, to test colourfastness. Remove stuffing that can be removed, prior to the wash and replace thereafter. Best used on synthetic material bedding (no silk, wool or leather) to avoid damage due to the high temperatures. Can wash machine washable pet beds, pet blankets, dog towels and human bedding (that is white and 100% cotton). 


  • Can be used on all machine washable pet bedding (excluding silk, wool or leather) – please check fabric label.
  • No harmful substances released into the environment.
  • Can be used on an empty cycle, to remove hairs inside the machine and filter (85/95 degrees Celsius).
  • No skin irritation for pets.
  • Not tested on animals.



  • Pour the contents of one sachet of Vamoosh directly into your washing machine dispenser drawer. (For larger loads, we recommend using two sachets of Vamoosh).
  • Add your usual detergent (plus fabric softener if you wish to maintain softness).
  • Add your pet bedding, taking care not to overload the machine with too much bedding at one time.
  • Run the longest, hottest cycle (85/95 degrees Celsius).
  • At the end of the cycle, dry the bedding as usual.


Active ingredients:

  • Vamoosh is based on oxygen based bleaching agents.
  • Full ingredients are: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide,Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED), Silicone Oil, Silica, Perfume.


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